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Write from your heart

Keeping the tradition of Chinese calligraphy alive

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Courses & Workshops


Chinese Calligraphy Classes

Face-to-face / Online virtual lessons

One on one / Small groups
(1- 2 hours / class / week)


Workshops / Events

Culture experience activities

Chinese New Year Chinese Couplets Workshop

Chinese Calligraphy Paper Fan / Lantern Workshop

1.5 - 2 hours workshop


About InkJoyGraphy

Refining my heart

May Chan, aka InkJoyGraphy, a Chinese calligrapher based in the UK. She has dedicated more than 20 years to writing Chinese calligraphy. She has had exhibitions and won numerous awards for her calligraphy art pieces at her teenage years in Hong Kong, and in 2011 she completed a diploma in Chinese calligraphy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

She started hosting face-to-face / online calligraphy lessons & workshops over the last few years in the UK and she has taught more than a thousand students to date.

Apart from teaching, she offers custom artworks and has also worked for prestigious brands and companies such as British Museum, Jo Malone, David Morris, Chloe, Bucherer, HSBC and Greenwich Peninsula etc.

She believes that Chinese calligraphy is not just a hobby, but a way of life! It is a traditional Chinese culture which merits and values should be appreciated and she strongly promotes this in her teaching.


Through the practice of calligraphy, you can develop a sharp focus in body and mind, hence nurturing your spirit. Practising calligraphy is one of the fundamental ways of self-cultivation.

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